FAQ: Question About Yoga mats

1. What is the product size?

The common size is 61*173cm, 61*183cm. Other sizes can be customed.

2. What are the thickness and weight?

Common thickness and weight are as below.

ThicknessSQM weight (g)

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

Solid color: 1200 pieces/color

Two-tone color foam transfer printing: 2000 pieces/color

Two-tone color foam digital printing: 1200 pieces/color (the back is factory dark blue, and the front digital printing model can mix 4 colors)

4. Can digitally printed yoga mats be printed in any color?

Yes, you can choose our design or customize the design and color. You only need to provide the design source file and print it. No printing is required (no printing fee)

5. How to clean?

Can be cleaned with detergent, ventilated, and dried, do not expose to the sun.

6. mats lifetime

It depends on the frequency of use, ranging from 3 months to half a year to a year.

7. What environmental tests can it pass?

Passed REACH, OEKO-TEX, SVHC, and 17P (European standards), CA65 (US standard)

8. Can it pass the VOC test (odor)?


9 : Do yoga mats smell?

Generally, there will be a few of these kinds of foam pads when they are first produced, but if they are spread out and left to dry for a while, the smell will dissipate. Our products have been tested to be non-toxic and harmless and can pass the EU REACH standard.

10: What is the delivery time for yoga mats?

General: 35 days after confirmation of the order (packaging) details and receipt of deposit

11. What is the regular packaging?

One girdle + shrink per roll, 12 rolls per box

12. Folding yoga mat packaging?

After folding each piece, put the colored paper into a plastic bag, and put 12 pieces into an outer box

13. Regarding the packaging, can I add straps and yoga bags?


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